7 Common Plumbing Problems (You Sometimes Ignore)

If there is one household dilemma that homeowners tend to ignore, plumbing is the first thing that most likely comes to mind. Plumbing problems, particularly a recurring one, is one of the most common concerns encountered in every home.

Regardless of the severity, it’s essential that you address these matters as soon as you spot them so as not to end up with a snag that is more complicated than you think. That being said, you need to have an on-call licensed plumber in case of an emergency. You can easily find an expert online by searching for “general plumbers near me” or you may ask your friends for recommendations. Sure enough one of them has experienced plumbing issues at home.

Some of the typical plumbing issues homeowners tend to ignore are as follows:

Slow Drains

Water will surely go down the drain in a painfully slow fashion if something is obstructing the pipes. Such plumbing concerns are easy fixes and do not take time at all. Some homeowners resolve these drains on their own.

However, it’s a different matter if you are having multiple issues. You may be dealing with a blocked sewage pipe or an already full septic tank. In cases like these, calling a contractor that offers general plumbing service is your best bet in diagnosing and resolving your matter quickly and efficiently.

Dripping Taps

You may think that there’s nothing worse than a dripping tap as long as you can tolerate sound throughout the day. What you are not aware of is that you throw away litres of precious water every day. You might want to measure the number of drips that come out of the tap in a minute and see how much water you lose every day. Perhaps by then, you would realise the importance of hiring a contractor that offers general plumbing service to help you with this concern.

Low Water Pressure

There are a lot of reasons why you have low water pressure in your home. Issues like these are typically attributed to clogged or faulty pipes, closed valves, and even a broken pressure regulator, among others. Unless you know everything there is about water pressure, your guess is just as good as anybody else’s. That is unless you employ expert general plumbing service to troubleshoot this dilemma.

Blocked Toilets

Occasionally, some homeowners are baffled when faced with this typical fix. Funnily, they would rather hope that the issue repairs itself than do something about it. However, as long as you do not do anything or seek the assistance of a pro that provides general plumbing service, you might continuously end up in a fix with toilets like these.

Running Toilets

A running toilet is no laughing matter. That is unless there is something funny about losing thousands of litres of water every month, and you’re the one paying for all the water lost. When you find yourself in such a circumstance, take time to find out the cause of the problem and see if you can fix it.

Otherwise, there’s always professional general plumbing service to turn to in case you need assistance. You may even ask these tradesmen for a piece of advice on how you can resolve a running toilet by yourself.

Defective Water Heaters

No one wants the hassle of taking a cold bath first thing in the morning. Regardless of type and fuel source, water heaters require regular care and maintenance just as any plumbing equipment. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore if your unit starts to act funny.

A water heater that has exceeded its lifespan or rusted fittings is certain to give you frequent headaches sooner or later. So is a unit that has been showing weird sounds, signs of leaks, and other problems such as insufficient hot water. Have a professional that offers general plumbing service conduct maintenance procedures to your water heater every six months. With the assistance of these tradesmen, you can definitely prolong the lifespan of your unit.

Leaking Hose Bibbs

In wintertime, the water inside a hose bibb hardens and expands. As thaw season comes in, these hose bibbs become vulnerable to cracks, resulting in leaks. Again, an unattended leaking tap is money straight into the trash unless you have it resolved in the soonest time possible.

Hiring a plumber with extensive experience in providing general plumbing service may save you time and energy if you want to repair the garden faucet. Otherwise, fixing this facer isn’t as hard as it seems. As a preventive measure, however, make it a habit of turning off the hose bibb after use during the winter months to keep water from freezing inside the hose.



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