9 DIY tree removal tips for beginners

If you are interested in doing all the home improvement tasks, all by yourself, then here we are to help you with the helpful tips and tricks that would keep you going and would get you work like a pro. There are two things when it comes to the tree removal in the house.

First is, having a big tree in the house and removing it. When the tree is big, it is really a daunting task to get it removed all by yourself but when you have the professional experts, you can just give them a call and get them do the job for you. The professional tree removers, who are trained specifically to remove the trees, know exactly how to take care of the big trees so leaving the task to them is a good idea. You can visit https://www.treeremovalhobart.com.au/ to know more about it.

But when you have a small sized tree, or trees, you can handle the job well, all by yourself. And if you follow the tips that we are sharing here, the job would become pretty easy.

So let us get started with these simple DIY, tree removal tips.

  1. Consider the tree first, if it is not a curved tree, doesn’t have large branches touching the power lines or some other structure, you do not have to climb a ladder to remove it and there are no other such issues, then you can remove it yourself.
  2. Water the soil of the tree one day before you are planning to remove the tree. It will help you bring it out easily.
  3. If the tree is leaning on a side, it is most likely to fall that way, so keep that in notice too. Consider the falling points of the tree and keep two escape routes to scoot, if the tree falls in some undesirable direction.
  4. You require the proper protection gear when you are using the chain saw, for example, you need a pair of goggles, gloves, helmet and earplugs to save yourself from the trouble of getting injured.
  5. Measure the trunk of the tree. For every inch, you will need to dig around six inched in order to reach the root.
  6. Now cut a notch on the side of the tree where you want it to fall. Also, remember to cut the top of the tree first and then move on to the bottom.
  7. Ask someone to be there for you as the falling tree is unpredictable and having someone to watch you out, would be wise.
  8. If the tree is small, remove the ball root first and bring it out whole. Then remove the branches. But if the tree is comparatively bigger, you should first cut out all the branches and then get to the trunk of the tree.
  9. Last, but not the least is to call a professional to help you with the job if you do not feel confident for it.

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