5 Different Things You Can Do With Carpet Scraps

Do you have some bits of carpet lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Many people can relate. It just seems like such a waste to throw away perfectly good carpet. If you have been racking your brain to for ways to put that old carpet to use, look no further. Certainly, you can use those carpet scraps to reupholster an ottoman or create a DIY cat scratching post, but if you are looking for simple, low-effort methods to use carpet scraps, you have come to the right place.

1. Move Furniture

Heavy furniture is hard to move. Lifting it up requires the help of several people, and sliding it across your floor can cause damage. This is where the carpet scraps come in. Slide bits of carpeting under the legs of a dresser, bed, couch, or piano and push or pull it into the place you need it, without scratching your floor. Although, even armed with carpet scraps, maybe don’t try to move a piano all on your own.

2. Protect Your Knees

Maybe you are young and healthy and your knees have never hurt a day in your life. Or maybe you’ve got creaky joints from all those years as a gardener/gymnast/professional stair-climber. In any case, let’s keep those knees comfortable and healthy for years to come. Place some spare carpet under your knees when you are cleaning, working in the yard, or even doing yoga. Providing a cushiony place for your knees to land can make a big difference over time. What a great way to love your knees and reuse your old carpet.

3. Create Floor Mats for Your Car

Unless you are taking off your shoes when you get into your car (which I think is illegal if you are driving), the floor of your car is likely to get dirty, muddy, and gross. You’re probably tracking in leaves and grim, and maybe even the dreaded dog poop. An excellent way to use carpet scraps is to cut them to be floor mats for your car. As anyone who’s spilled grape juice can tell you, carpet is great at absorbing whatever liquid you put on it. This can help keep the rest of your car clean. When the mats become disgusting, you can simply throw them away! If possible, choose carpet colors that match your car’s interior.

4. Prevent Damage to Your Car Doors

If you park your car in a garage, this tip is especially for you. A garage is a great place to store your vehicle, but chances are you also store bikes, skis, tools, and boxes of who-knows-what in there too. The point is: garage space tends to be a little tight. If you’ve been known to bonk your car door against the wall of your garage, there is an easy solution involving scraps of carpet. Hang a strip of carpet on the wall where you tend to bump, and allow its cushiony softness to keep your car door free from damage. An added perk: the carpet on the wall can act as a visual cue for how far to pull in your car.

5. Clean Window Screens

Window screens can get pretty dusty and dirty over time, but they are not so easy to clean. Carpet to the rescue again! Dunk pieces of carpet in warm, sudsy water and use them to scrub your screens. The texture of carpet is perfect for getting the grime out of your windows. You probably never imagined yourself cleaning with carpet. If it is the carpet on your floor that needs cleaning, turn to professionals for your carpet cleaning Round Rock needs.

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