An introduction to uPVC

Most of us will have heard of uPVC. It’s commonly used around the home in doors and windows. What is it exactly, and why is it such a popular choice?

uPVC explained

uPVC is short for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. There are no plasticisers added to make uPVC, so it is hard, flexible, durable and lightweight. This makes it a suitable material for use in windows and doors.

We tend to think of anything with the word plastic in it as being environmentally unfriendly, yet this isn’t the case for uPVC. In fact, uPVC is completely recyclable; it can be made into new windows and doors. Over 300,000 tonnes of uPVC aee recycled annually in Europe.

Many people choose uPVC doors or windows, such as from windows Dublin specialist, because this material offers a wide range of benefits.

Low maintenance

According to the British Plastics Federation (BPF), one of the main features of uPVC windows is low maintenance.

Compared to timber or aluminium frames, uPVC windows or doors are easy to look after, often requiring just a wipe-down to keep them clean.


uPVC has become such a popular choice for windows and doors because it’s long-lasting and is able to withstand the outside elements. Unlike timber, uPVC will not rot or warp, and there is no concern about rusting, unlike metal frames.


Many people choose uPVC for their doors and windows because it offers impressive insulation levels. Modern options come with high thermal values to prevent heat loss from your home whilst keeping draughts at bay. This can have a positive effect on your energy bills. Sound insulation is also another benefit of uPVC; studies have shown that it can reduce noise levels by up to 70%.


Since uPVC is strong, it makes a great choice of material for those who prioritise security for their dwelling. It is harder to break into a door or frame made from uPVC than wood, for example, and there are many locks and security features that can easily be added to uPVC for additional protection.


Another factor that makes uPVC so highly sought-after is that it is very affordable compared to other materials. When you include this with all the other benefits of uPVC, it is easy to see why it is such a popular choice.

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