Benefits of Only Oak Furniture

For years, only oak has been the preferred for crafting home and church furniture. However, as things revolutionized, only oak lost its ground to cheaper alternatives, such as steel, iron and plastic. Unfortunately, these materials lack the qualities of only oak wood.

Even with the current trends, some stores continues to use only oak for its creative works. Read on to find out some of the reasons why;-


Only oak is very versatile and can be created into almost any furniture. From television cabinets, bookshelf, and wardrobes, only oak lets you solve your home furniture wants uniquely and stylishly.

The best thing, however, is that it can be stained, painted or coated to blend with whatever home colour scheme you have. It adds to your home’s aesthetics for a unique personal touch.

Easy Maintenance

Only oak does not require anything more than a regular dusting. The finishing makes it easier to clean and is stain-resistant. Notably, keep your oak furniture away from damp places, radiators and direct sunlight to prolong its life.


This is a hardwood tree, and if you can remember, some of the concepts taught in school, hardwoods are incredibly strong. Only oak furniture bears much weight and thus is famous for making items such as media units, wardrobes and dining tables.

Though initial pricing is relatively high, only oak saves you money in the long run. Notably, cheap alternatives require replacement after every few years, unlike only oak furniture, making them a false economy.


Probably thanks to its hardwood nature, only oak furniture is the type that can last forever. Unfortunately, most people have become so accustomed to throwing away furniture after a few years, that we have forgotten the worth of items made from solid wood. The only oak furniture you purchase now is likely to be passed to future generations.

While steel and iron tend to rusk with time, and plastic turns brittle, only oak remains as good as new. You can reapply wood varnish every 10 to 15 years to give your furniture a fresh look and add to its longevity.


Though only oak furniture is the current trend, it is also one of those decoration solutions that will relevant for years to come. You can be assured that if you equip your home with only oak furniture today, it will still be suitable for 20 or more years to come.

Comes in Different Shades

The needs and preferences of clients differ significantly. However, as a carpenter using this wood type, you can be sure to meet the demands of dozens of customers. Only oak comes in different shades, depending on its origin and processing technology.

Light yellow is the most common, and so is the Canadian oak, which is a darker, light brown shade. Most importantly, there is always something to flawless fit into your interior décor.


If you are looking for long-lasting furniture that is easy to maintain, then go for that made of only oak. Such furniture is usually sturdy with high weight-bearing capabilities. Even better, only oak can be curved into any furniture piece of your desire. 5

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