Causes of sewage backup

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If you discover sewer backup in your basement, you must take action immediately to minimize the damage. Call professional plumbing service to handle this situation as sewer backup contain contaminated wastes, hazardous material and debris.

Check all the waste pipe lines, toilets, drains and sinks for blockage, after calling for help for emergency plumber. Check your main sewage line too. Stop using water in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent more back up in basement and drains. Plumbing pros send their technicians for cleaning up the basement, unblocking the drains and sanitizing the affected area to prevent risks of severe health issues.

Contaminants, bacteria and viruses from raw sewage can cause health issues of lunges and intestine if left untreated.

Sewage backup can occur any time, during dry or wet weather and its causes are:

  1. Blockage in drain lines creates back flow of waste. There may be clog in main sewer lines or your sump pump has failed in functioning.
  2. Tree roots tend to grow and damaged the pipes causing them to crack and break and disturb the flow of waste water and raw waste.
  3. Heavy rainfall and storm can cause flooding and sewer backup in basement through drain located there. After heavy rain, main city sewer lines can overburden connected sewer lines.
  4. Many people especially children use toilets as garbage bin to dispose of personal hygiene things and other objects down the toilets causing blockage.
  5. Grease, food particles, soap suds, hair and debris are the reasons of blockage in drain pipes of kitchen.

To avoid sewage backup, use toilets and sinks carefully by disposing of paper products properly and train children to avoid dropping foreign objects in flush. Do not pour greasy liquids down the drain.

Maintain and cut the tree roots occasionally to prevent their growth around pipe lines.

Maintain the proper functioning of your sump pump and keep checking it occasionally to avoid issues.

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