Choosing a pest control company

Pest infestation is a common thing, and if you’ve not experienced it, you’re lucky, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t be attacked. Today, there are thousands of pest control companies in the market, and all these are out to try their luck in the pest control industry. However, not all the companies are genuine. Some are just out to fleece the unsuspecting public. Thus, when looking for someone to help you with pest control, you’ve to be careful and consider the following things.


A company that has been doing pest control is better placed to handle any infestation. You need to choose one that has been in the market for more than five years and has vast experience in pest control both on a small and large scale. An experienced company will have adequately skilled workers to deal with pests, and most likely, they’ve dealt with a problem similar to yours. Why try a newbie when there are veterans out there who can sort you out quickly and efficiently?

Customer relations

The way the pest control company treats its customers will tell you how reliable they are. You don’t want to engage a company whose communication is wanting. Get a company whose top priority is solving customer problems. The way the staff members respond tells you the kind of a company you’re dealing with and if it’s worth the deal. You need someone who’ll respond immediately when you’ve got an emergency.

Keen on safety

The pest control company should have a clear policy on safety. The staff should have skills in handling hazardous situations. The team should be well trained to handle any dangerous situation of pest infestation. You also need a company that communicates the toxicity of the control measures and how to keep your family safe.

Check their equipment

Find out if the pest control service provider has the right equipment. Do they have the right solutions for pest control? Most importantly, the company should embrace ‘Green’ pest control methodologies. You don’t want to engage a company that uses highly toxic solutions that might end up poisoning your family or pets.


One of the things that you should never ignore is the company licensing. The company should be registered with the relevant government department and have the right licenses. That way, you’re sure that you’re safe and in case of a problem, you’ve recourse. Licensing keeps the pest control company on its toes to maintain a high level of professionalism when dealing with clients. It’s also good you check if the license is up-to-date.


An easier way of getting a reliable company like Workstays is through their clients. Check out their website’s feedback page. From the responses you see, choose some contacts randomly and find out their positive or negative experience. If a pest control company has a bad reputation, you’re most likely going to have a bad experience with them, and thus you’d better shun it and look for a better alternative.

It’s not easy to identify a good pest control company, and the best thing you can do is research the company. Get someone who will give you the best experience.

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