Construction Site Equipment _ The Essentials

When working at a construction site, it is absolutely essential for your safety to have the right equipment.  There are many potential dangers and hazards at any construction site from falling objects to slipper surfaces.  It might be your initial instinct to just wear something you don’t mind getting a little torn up or messy, but there’s a lot more you should take into consideration to ensure you are an effective and safe part of your team.

High Visibility Clothing

Many construction accidents occur because one worker is unable to see another.  This is especially the case when working with heavy-duty machinery and moving vehicles.  If you’re going to be working a site, invest in some high visibility clothing with reflective strips to make sure you are always visible on-site.  A simple vest would work effectively.

Protective Eyewear

With a lot of dust and other debris flying around, another major construction site injury is to the eyes.  If you are going to be cutting materials or operating power tools, be sure to have your own set of protective eyewear to keep wood or brick dust out and of course, keep your eyes protected from any power tool mishaps.

Hard Hat

Construction sites are known for having a high probability of falling objects.  With so many people working on various levels of a site, something as simple as kicking a bolt over the side of a level could end up severely injuring someone working below if they are not wearing a hard hat.  Be sure to wear a hard hat to keep you protected from anything that may fall from below, preventing potential injury and in some cases, even death.

Steel Toed Work Boots

It is recommended to get a tough pair of work boots that are designed specifically for construction-related purposes.  Regular shoes are not designed with strong enough soles to keep sharp objects from penetrating.  Shoes with impenetrable soles and steel-toed caps will help prevent injury from both falling and sharp objects.  There are different types of work boots so be sure to get something appropriate to your site’s needs.  Make sure the soles have a no-slip grip and are also waterproof, so you’ll be able to wear them in wet work conditions.

Hand Protection

When working on a site, you’ll likely be dealing with all kinds of building materials from wood and steel to brick.  In addition, you’ll also be using nails, screws, bolts, power tools, and more that can all cause hand injuries when not handled properly.  Just think about how many splinters you have the potential of getting without some protective handwear.  Protective gloves should be worn when working with these materials to help prevent abrasions, cuts, and even callouses that may make working difficult.

Body Warmers

Most construction site work requires a good amount of time out in the elements.  During the cooler months, it can become especially uncomfortable after being outside for a few hours, even when you’re bundled up.  While this may not be the most essential item, we do think it should be on your list if you’re expecting fluctuating temperatures.  They will go a far way in helping you power through the last few hours of your shift.  Handwarmers are very small and compact, so it’s easy to stuff a few in your pocket just in case.

If you’re new to the world of construction work, be sure to check out some other safety gear that may be helpful to you on your site.  For now, these are the basic essentials that should help you get through your first day.

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