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Looking for a way to help your home decor stand out? Consider bringing in a natural cowhide rug. Rugs made of cowhide can add visual interest and a rustic touch to
any space. With a huge variety of natural and artificial patterns and shapes, there is a beautiful cowhide rug out there for everyone.

Benefits of Cowhide

• Natural Beauty – Cowhide comes in a variety of natural colors and patterns that stand out for their unique beauty. Both the texture and the colors of
cowhide make it the perfect choice for adding interest to a dull room or spicing up a space that feels artificial. Cowhide comes in a variety of natural
and artificial patterns and designs, making it the perfect choice for just about any situation where one desires a natural look.

• Versatility – Cowhide can be dyed and worked like many other materials, allowing for rugs in both natural shapes and worked designs. Cowhide rugs make an excellent centerpiece to a living room or bedroom that needs a new
flair as well as an attractive throw or wall hanging. Rugs designed around cowhide come in a useful natural shape that adds authenticity to any room while
providing great floor coverage. Cowhide can also be shaped and dyed into a variety of other rug styles that may suit your needs.

• Durability – One of the biggest benefits of using a cowhide rug is how incredibly durable cowhide is. Cowhide will last for many years without showing
wear or tear. A cowhide rug that you vacuum and rotate on a regular basis can outlast just about everything in your home if you are careful with it.
Cowhide rugs are an ideal option for high traffic areas like your living room.

• Hypo-Allergenic – Unlike many other types of fur, the fur and leather in cowhide are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in your friends or family.
When you choose a cowhide rug, you get an allergen free alternative to other kinds of fur that gives you a look that is just as beautiful and a rug that is
just as comfortable to relax on. Cowhide is an ideal choice for people with a history of skin reactions to other types of cloth, leather and fur.

Cowhide Styles

Many people believe that the only style available on a cowhide rug is the natural look of the fur. While there are a huge variety of natural patterns that
cowhide can offer, styled cowhide rugs with a different look are also available. Those seeking a subtle sense of nature in their home can choose a rug made
of cowhide worked into a different shape or finished with a metallic effect. Rug styles vary
enough to provide a cowhide option for every taste.

Cowhide stands out as one of the most beautiful and durable options out there for a rug. Cowhide rugs bring in all the benefits of natural fur and rustic
patterns without sacrificing the ease of cleaning and care that comes with a synthetic rug. Enjoy the style a cowhide rug brings to your home for a

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