How to Summer-Proof Your Windows

“Summer-proofing” your windows revolves around one basic-yet-essential goal: keeping the heat out. Windows are the perfect gateway for heat to enter and exit your home, so it is important to keep them well-insulated in the summer, as well as the winter. In fact, as much as 30% of your home’s heating and cooling energy can escape through windows and doors! By taking steps to sufficiently summer-proof your windows, you can keep you home comfortable. You may even save money on your energy bills in the process!

Use Energy-Saving Curtains or Blinds

Energy-Saving Curtains or Blinds

One of the easiest and most effective ways to insulate your windows is to cover them. Energy-efficient curtains and blinds can have a major impact on the amount of heat that gets in. Window coverings are relatively low-cost, and easy to install.

Cellular shades, pleated shades, and honeycomb shades will provide the greatest level of insulation, but any energy-efficient curtains or blinds will make a difference. These windows covering have the added benefit of blocking out sound, as well as heat energy. Keep your curtains or shades drawn during the hottest part of the day to block out light and heat.

Install Window Shutters

Install Window Shutters

If you want to take your window-covering insulation game a step further, you might consider installing shutters on your windows. Shutters are the tightest fitting and thickest window covering available, making them the window covering option that provides the greatest level of insulation. By blocking the transfer of energy from the glass of your windows to your window coverings, shutters can be effective at lowering your energy bills.

Shutters are still a relatively low-cost option, although you may opt to have them professionally installed. Combine shutters with energy-efficient window coverings to double your insulation efforts.

Seal Any Window Leaks

Once again, when it comes to summer-proofing your windows, the name of the game is to keep the hot air out. In order to do this, your windows must be totally free from leaks. Take a close look at your windows on the interior and exterior of your home. If you want, you can walk around your house with a lit candle to help you locate drafts. Existing cracks, leaks, and openings could be allowing cool air to escape with letting hot air enter.

Fill gaps and openings with weather stripping and/or caulk to make your windows more secure. You may also want to evaluate your doors for leaks and openings. You might opt to install door sweeps or place a “door snakes” along the bottom of your doors to prevent warm air from creeping in.

Apply High-Reflectivity Film to Your Windows

High-reflectivity film is a product that can be applied to your windows in order to reflect light away from your home. This product can be professionally installed, or you can purchase film from a home improvement store and stick it on yourself. The key is to create a smooth, snug, and seamless fit.

High-reflectivity window film is extremely effective at keeping sunlight and heat out of your home, and this product can have a significant impact on your monthly power bill. Especially if your home gets bombarded by sweltering sunlight, using high-reflectivity film to summer-proof your windows is a great low-cost option.

There are added perks to installing high-reflectivity film to your windows, as well. Window film increases your level of privacy (particularly during the day), while protecting your furniture and floor coverings from damaging UV rays. Be aware that some of your neighbors may find the high-reflectivity film bothersome.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

The most dramatic, but by far the most effective, method for summer-proofing your windows is to replace them altogether! Although installing new windows is by no means is a small or low-cost project, it is easily the most foolproof way to increase the energy efficiency of your home, lower your power bills, and add value to your home.

When choosing windows to keep out of heat, be sure to look into energy-efficient models. Any new windows will provide superior insulation. Energy-efficient windows will take this one step further by helping to regulate the amount of sunlight and heat that passes through.

Although purchasing new windows is a big investment, new windows will instantly boost the overall value of your home, giving you nearly a 74% return on your investment. Additionally, your windows will lower your monthly energy bills.

Summer-proof your home by installing beautiful new windows. Contact a window professional from Renewal NC to assist you with all your energy-efficient window needs.

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