Make Sure You Don’t Store These Things in the Garage

It may be time to re-evaluate the items you store in your garage. Why? As it is hard to regulate the moisture and temperature levels within your garage, some items can become degraded or damaged. You can make the environment as damp free as possible by ensuring that your garage door isin full working order and seals correctly. If you spot any problems with the door you should contact a Garage Door Repair company to fix the issues for you . Here is a list of items that you ideally should not store in your garage.


Around half of us now no longer use our garages to store only cars.

They are now used to store household clutter, sports gear and gardening equipment. Often we also keep our DIY items in our garages, such as half-finished tins of paint. However, this is not the ideal place to store them, as high temperatures during summer or freezing temperatures in winter can affect the paint’s expiration date, especially when kept on concrete floors. Shelving systems will keep your paint off the floor and help to preserve it.

Wooden Furniture

When stored in a damp, cold garage, wooden furniture will not maintain its condition. Wood is fragile and will be damaged as humidity levels change. The fibres within the wood contract and swell due to moisture in the air, leading to unrepairable cracks appearing in the wood.

Instead, keep wooden furniture somewhere with consistent temperatures, such as the loft. If you must keep your furniture in your garage, ensure you cover it to protect it as much as possible.


Food can easily attract pests such as mice, so it really should not be stored in your garage. Even canned food can be susceptible to changing temperatures. With potential freezing and thawing during the winter months, the food can lose its flavour.


Paper fibres respond to humidity, and this can cause the spines to warp and pages to curl. The same applies to photo albums, magazines and newspapers.


If you are holding on to any computers, DVD players, TVs or games consoles, they can become damaged by temperature fluctuations. Electronic devices are extremely susceptible to being damaged by condensation due to moisture harming the circuits.


A fridge-freezer stored in the unregulated climate of a garage uses more energy as it struggles to maintain the correct temperature to keep food. This will increase your energy bills.

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