Read to Know How CBD Oil Can Benefit in Hepatitis C?

Most of the CBD oil is made by blending CBD extracts with a certain carrier oil like hemp seed oil. As you know, CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is obtained from hemp and can modulate several physiological responses by tying up with the receptors of our endocannabinoid system.

As you know CBD is not a psychoactive compound and has always proven to offer several health benefits like relief from pain, stress, as well as anxiety problems.

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What is Hepatitis C?

This is a kind of hepatic infection that was actually brought about by a virus called the hepatitis C virus. This condition can start from a very mild infection that can last a couple of weeks, which may become an acute to severe condition and finally turn into a chronic illness.

Within 6 months of getting exposed to the virus, an acute infection may occur. Around 75 to 85% of people who get infected with this virus can develop a chronic illness that can end up with liver damage, cirrhosis, and also cancer.

How CBD can benefit in Hepatitis C

The anti-inflammatory property of cannabinoids will offer major benefits in hepatitis C conditions. It can help to lower liver damage by halting and delaying the progression of cirrhosis.

Also, it will act as an analgesic and will reduce joint pain and abdominal pain which is often noticed in people having viral hepatitis.

CBD can also help to reduce the fatigue that sets in people usually with chronic infection. Since it lowers abdominal pain, it can also regulate the nausea sensation.

The following are a few ways CBD can benefit any patient suffering from Hepatitis C.

  1. CBD reduces liver damage

As CBD can help in reducing hepatic inflammation, hence it is also used for reducing the damage that is caused by any hepatitis C on our liver.

  1. CBD relieves pain due to Hepatitis C

As CBD can help in reducing inflammation, therefore it can help to treat any pain that is associated with any Hepatitis C infection.

  1. CBD counters fatigue

As CBD can help in promoting more wakefulness and can also improve our mood, hence it will be very helpful to reduce fatigue that is generally experienced by patients of hepatitis C.

  1. CBD counters fatigue

Also, since CBD can help to generate a certain anti-emetic response through the receptors of our ECS, so it can always be used for treating nausea in hepatitis C patients.

  1. CBD also shows antiviral activity

As CBD can exhibit antiviral activities against HCV and can prevent the activation of the HSCs, hence it may also be used for the treatment of any patient suffering from hepatitis C.


Since there are no prescribed dosage available for any form of CBD, you must consult your doctor to decide the right dosage for you.

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