4 Ways to Get Ready for Winter Storms

You may not see much snow during the cold winter months coming all too soon, but the temperatures are sure to drop to uncomfortable levels below freezing. That is why you need to get your home and property ready for the long, cold that is just around the corner. Here are four ways to get ready for the coming winter storms.


Your fence is the barrier between your yard and the rest of the world, so when it begins to sag, has loose boards, or completely falls over, it may be time to repair or replace the old structure. Call in a handyman services Matthews NC for a list of ideas to help you decide what to do with the old fencing. Your handyman can also re-stain the boards if all they need is a new color.


Harsh winter temperatures, winds, and the occasional snow can damage decking, railing, and porches.

Paint and stain can protect the wooden surfaces, and any boards that came loose during the summer need to be secured before winter storms head your way. Check your home for cracked or peeling paint to make sure there are no large sections that are vulnerable to the ravages of winter.


Your home’s gutters are a defense system set up to remove roof water to a safe place away from your house. Instead of letting the water seep into the eaves and run down under the siding, the gutter gathers the water and ushers it away to the drainage pipe. That is why gutters are so critical to your home’s defense against winter moisture. Make sure they are securely attached to your home, and the drain is aimed into the yard away from your buildings.


It isn’t a secret that over time insulation can settle, but what you should know is that in the past decade several new types of insulation have been created that far exceed the life of the past materials. Since cold settles and heat rises, it won’t do you much good to heat your home with a thin layer of insulation as a protection from the cold in your rafters or attic. Why not have someone inspect the area and see if the layers have settled enough to warrant new materials.

You can prepare your home and yard against the coming winter by taking the four steps listed above. When your home is safe and secure, so are you – and that is priceless.

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