Benefits of casement windows over other window styles

With so many varieties and styles of windows present in the market, it gets quite tough at times to select the right one for your home. But, being a major decision, as it affects the appearance and function of your home, you need to pay extra attention when choosing one.

If your house is undergoing a renovation, then think of installing a casement window. There are a lot of amazing options available in this style, right from vinyl to wood and aluminum. These types of windows are popular amongst Canadian homeowners who want to make the house look better, appealing and more efficient. Let’s proceed to know more about these windows in detail.

Understanding casement windows

When talking about the design and functionality of a casement window, the best way to explain it is- they are windows that open and close just like doors. The glass is mounted between the frames and is connected from the side by hinges. You have a sash to open and to close the windows. It is simple to maintain and is one of the most chosen window styles by Canadian homeowners. The frames can easily be installed and in case you want to change them, then it can be done with great comfort. And, vinyl and aluminum windows are said to last for several years.

How do casement windows differ from the other window styles?


The best way to differentiate a casement window from the others is by checking their mechanism. A casement window opens and closes the same as a door. Based on this factor, you can remove sliding windows.

Often recognized as awning windows

You can hinge a casement window on the top and this is why sometimes it is recognized as awning windows. So, if you want to hook your window from the top, then a casement window can work your way out.

Lifespan of the window

When you choose vinyl or aluminum casement windows, they have a lifespan of several decades. They are simple to clean and cheap to maintain in comparison to the other window styles.

Benefits of installing casement windows


A major reason, why people choose a casement window for their house, is because of ventilation it offers. It makes it the best option for kitchens and bathrooms where you need efficient ventilation. Just pin it with a top hinge and you have a 90-degree wide-open window to let all the air inside.

Saves energy

Casement windows are marked as the most energy-efficient windows that one can install in their homes. Because of the sash, the window can be closed airtight which doesn’t let any warm or cold air leave outside during winters and summers.

Beautifully designed

Well, you do have a lot of options when shopping for windows. But, casement windows bring you attractive colors, appealing designs, and a brilliant look. It enhances the look of your house and increases its curb appeal.

Enjoy the outside view better

If you have a beautiful outside, then you should definitely install a casement window to get an unhindered view outside your window. You would never want a central rail here to hinder your view.

So, if you want to install casement windows in your home, then check the prices online at Window Mart. Discuss your requirements with our technician and get the best guidance.

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