How to Survive Living Through a Remodel?

So you’ve probably binge-watched shows on HGTV and have heard stories from people about their remodeling experiences. You’ve heard all the tips and tricks to getting through the remodel. You feel confident and like an expert who is prepared to live through a remodel. Well we hate to break it to you but hearing about remodel experiences, or seeing them on TV, is nothing like having to live through it yourself. Having to go through a remodel in your home is bound to disrupt your daily life by screwing up your schedule, putting relationships to the test, but be totally worth it when it’s over. While there is nothing like living through it first hand, we have provided some advice and tips on what to expect and how to survive living through a remodel.

Your House will get Dirty

This might seem obvious but it is something you have to be prepared for. It is also something you have to accept. Keep reminding yourself that your house is going to get dirty. The remodeling process creates a lot of dust. This dust will float around your house and travel throughout your home. It is inevitable and something that you must accept or you just might drive yourself nuts.

At United We Stand we try to take extra measures to help keep your home as clean as possible throughout your remodel process. We also work hard to clean up “messes” as we go and leave your home clean at the end of each work day. Even though we try to go above and beyond to keep your home as clean as possible, it will still get dirty. Just know we are doing our best to keep it as clean as possible for you and your family.

It will Disrupt your Schedule

You probably have a regular routine. You wake up, get ready, make some coffee, maybe drink that coffee while you play with your dogs or watch the news. However this routine will not work if your kitchen and dining room were under construction. The order, and cleanliness of your normal morning ritual will temporary look different. We are creatures of habit, so be warned: you will probably have to change up some of your habits while your remodel is going on.

This might be tough as you will already be stressed out, but take a deep breath, it will all be ok! Remember all of this a temporary inconvenience that ends with a wonderful reward.

Keep in mind, even though your remodel may be happening in one area of your home, your contractor may set up a small “shop” or a work area in another area of your home like the garage or back porch. Unfortunately, the remodel work area is not always limited the room that is getting remodeled. So if you want to keep certain parts of your home intact and free from remodel, you will want to talk to your contractor about this BEFORE the work begins. This will not only help them establish a proper plan for your project but it will help make your remodeling experience less stressful.

You Might Feel like you’re Riding an Emotional Roller Coaster

As humans we handle stress and emotions differently. What affects one person may have zero affect on another. But when it comes to having a bunch of people tear your house apart, that is a stressful situation for just about anyone. That might sound dramatic, but when you’re living through a remodel you can feel dramatic at times and THAT IS OK! You’ve seen the remodeling shows, things don’t go as planned, a glitch in the project happens. Sadly, this isn’t always added into shows for dramatic effect, things like this really happen. It can be hard to keep your composure when the project manager is telling you that the tile you ordered is on backorder which means that the end date is going to be pushed back. Which means that now your kitchen isn’t going to be ready for when your in-laws and family are going to be in town. We understand, this is a stressful situation! Add in your normal stressors like work, kids, events, and just life in general.  I need a large cup of coffee just thinking about all the stress.

You have to accept that you will feel some stress and emotions during this whole process. This is a normal feeling. You have to allow yourself enough grace to know it will all be ok and it will all be worth it!

It’s ok, you have a Pro on your Side

Thankfully, we work really hard to make sure these things don’t happen often! We are professionals and like to think we know what we are doing.  We work very hard to keep you as comfortable as possible while we are tearing your house apart, and we strive to leave you happy when your job is complete in a timely manner.

While this may sound like a stressful thing and like something you might be reconsidering, remodeling can actually be relatively pain-free, if you communicate. We’ve mentioned this before, but it is very important! Before the work begins, you must talk with your contractor about scheduling, dust control, and communication preferences.

Remember, there will be dust, there might be days you feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster, but there will be days you come home to new cabinets that are stunning! Those are the days that make it all worthwhile. Those are the days you start planning your next remodel.

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