Ways to Decline an Offer to Lower the Price of Your Property

There’s nothing wrong with being flexible with the idea of lowering the price of your property. You want to boost the profit, but you also don’t want to scare everyone who wants to buy your house. You can entertain those who want to negotiate with you and ask them about the reasons for such a price request. However, if you think the demand is unreasonable, you have to learn how to say no. These are some ways to decline an offer without looking terrible.

Show the assessment of your property

If you asked an assessor to come over and check your property, you will receive an official document at the end of the transaction. It indicates the estimated value of your house based on its features, location, size, and other factors. You can inform the buyer that you didn’t just come up with a magic number as the selling price of your house. Therefore, requesting a lower amount might be difficult for you to agree with.

Brag about other potential buyers

You don’t have to be arrogant, but you can mention that you have other potential buyers out there. You don’t have to settle, and you’re ready to leave because you can find someone else who will purchase the property. It’s also a way of saying that you don’t want to waste each other’s time and proceed with different plans.

Highlight the unique features of your property

You can talk about why your house is unique, and why it deserves the price. The potential buyer will probably rethink the offer considering these features. No one wishes to let go of the opportunity to buy a house at a reasonable price when it has a lot to offer. You can also talk about the recent repairs or renovations done. They would make any buyer feel more confident with the transaction.

You can count on wholesale buyers

When you mention that you are considering wholesale buyers, the potential buyers will feel worried. They know that any transaction done with these wholesale buyers will most likely succeed. They offer a reasonable price for whatever property they intend to buy. There are also willing to pay for the property in cash. If you tell these potential buyers that you were looking at the possibility of going with wholesale buyers, they might change their plans and decide to accept your deal immediately.

If you’re getting tired of waiting for the right buyer to come, you can contact the wholesale buyer right now. Type sell my house Miami if you reside in the area and set an appointment. It won’t take much time before you can end with a great deal.

The point is that you shouldn’t worry about declining an offer made by a potential buyer. You can still find other people who will purchase your property at the price it deserves. If not, you can always go for wholesale buyers who will give you an irresistible price tag.

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