Beat the Heat with Perfect Cooling

Air conditioning keeps you cool when the summer heat strikes. Being a machine, it requires special care and maintenance to work efficiently and effectively even during the hottest months.

Signs Which Show AC Needs Repairing:

To make sure that your AC is working properly, any sort of noise should be checked by an expert. AC repairs Spring Hill has qualified expert professional who will decide whether your AC needs to be repaired or replaced.  It depends on the age, type, and amount of usage of AC. Some of the warning signs which show that your AC needs repairing are:

  1. Warm Air: you need to call a professional HVAC technician for repair if your AC blows warm air instead of cool air. It can be due to restricted airflow or a compressor issue but first, make sure the thermostat is switch to cooling mode, and the temperature is lower than the home’s current temperature.
  2. Insufficient airflow: if you feel that weak or low airflow is coming from the vents, it may be due to the clogged air filter, a broken motor or the unit’s compressor may be failing.  There might be some trouble with the ductwork of the AC, which shows that it needs urgent repair.  To restore airflow and ensure that your AC is working properly,  you need to have your air conditioners duct cleaned.
  3. The thermostat is not working properly: when a part of your house is colder than the other part, it clearly states that the thermostat is not working properly. A trained HVAC technician will look if the thermostat is broken and needs to be repaired because there are complex electrical components which need and experts attention.
  4. Unusual and Loud Noises: if some sort of squealing grinding or scraping noise from your AC unit, it could be because of the belt slipping out of its a place or a motor’s bearing is broken. Immediately local experts should be called because loose pieces can damage other costly parts.
  5. Bad smells when turned: the wire insulation inside the unit has burned out has burnt out giving pungent or foul smell whereas a musty smell indicates that there is mould somewhere in the unit which can only be diagnosed by a professional as soon as possible before it makes your family sick.
  6. High Humidity: you can maintain humidity level automatically, so you do not experience high humidity indoors. If you still feel humidity inside the house even when the AC. is running, call your technician, and he will diagnose whether re-calibration is needed or you should consider a whole house dehumidifier.
  7. High electricity bill: A leak in the AC duct, a broken thermostat switch or an advanced age of the unit can be reasons the air conditioner consumes a large amount of electricity.  When you notice that your electricity bill shoots up suddenly it is a strong indication that your system is in need of repair or replacement.

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