Types of brackets for your TV wall mount

There are different designs, types and style of the TV wall brackets and all have different feature for different TV styles. You can get your TV wall mounted from https://www.tvinstallationone.com/ unless you have a fine type of brackets for the mount. The most used and liked form of brackets for the TV mount are the fixed brackets that are fixed and you can’t move the TV once it’s installed. Others are the full motion and Tilting brackets for the mount.  There are some other types of TV mount brackets with which you can mount the TV on the ceiling.

Following mentioned are some of the basic types of brackets.

  • Fixed wall mount brackets

As the name shows, the fixed wall mount TV brackets keep your TV fixed on the wall when it’s once mounted. The TV remains in the single position in which it was installed. Fixed brackets are the most used and the most famous type of brackets that have been used for TV installation. The best thing about the fixed type bracket is that you can keep the TV as close to the wall as much you want and the cables also don’t look messy.

  • Titling brackets

Tilting wall bracket is also one of the famous types of wall brackets for TV mount. It helps you to mount the TV on a higher position and enhances the vision to watch the TV. Most of the old-styled TVs and plasma TVs are suitable to mount with this type of bracket beaches they have darker visions that could be enhanced using this type of bracket.

  • Full motion brackets

Full motion brackets let your TV move in a position it has been installed. Full motion brackets basically have two types. The single arms and the double arm brackets. The single-arm full motion brackets let your TV move but in a restrictive position, however, the double-arm brackets provide an extra range for the movement of your TV and the best thing about it is that you can pull out the TV whenever you want to change the angle to enhance the vision.

  • Ceiling brackets

Ceiling mount brackets are the most popular mount brackets nowadays and as its name shows these brackets are used for mounting the TV up on the ceiling. The attachment looks like a short cylinder and it fixes to the back of your TV. Ceiling mounts are the perfect types of mounts for the people have a limited number of walls and limited space over present walls. However, ceiling mounts don’t provide the same fine vision as the wall mounts do but they are the best to be installed in less spaces.

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