Strata Plumbing: Responsibility and Role of the Owners Corporation

Living in a strata scheme has its perks. First, there’s no need to worry about real property taxes. Second, you won’t have to shed money for repairs or the likes. What about the plumbing and who should hire a plumber Bexley for that matter? Is this a concern which the unit owner himself should resolve? Or is one supposed to turn to the owners corporation in rectifying this matter?

What Is the Owners Corporation?

The owners corporation, previously called the body corporate, is a legal entity that administers the “common property of residential, commercial, retail, industrial, or mixed-use property development.” Any individual may become a member of the corporation for as long as they own a flat or housing unit. Additionally, the corporation has several responsibilities, and these are as follows:

  • Carries out repair and maintenance for property fixtures
  • Organises financial statements and records
  • Initiates procedures for complaints or grievances
  • Files owner registration
  • Prepares certificates when needed or requested
  • Sorts out or retains insurance
  • Implements fee increase
  • Complies with the rules and regulations of the corporation

Given that one the owners corporation is to provide repair or maintenance services, it may be safe to say that this legal body is entirely accountable for any reparation in a strata scheme. However, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to plumbing fixtures.

Plumbing Repairs and Maintenance Services: Who’s Responsible?

If you are experiencing plumbing issues that require immediate attention, you’ll be wise to know whether it falls under the jurisdiction of the owners corporation or not. In this case, you may want to take note of these following guidelines:

Broken or Burst Pipes

When it comes to burst pipes, determine the location of the leaks first. The repairs fall on the owners corporation if the damaged pipes are under the floor. On the other hand, if the burst pipes are inside the wall, the unit owner will shoulder the repairs. If you are sharing a wall pipe with another unit that is located on top of yours, the owner corporation assumes the duty of enlisting the expertise of professionals that offer strata plumbing services.

Fixture Leakages

Despite the lengthy life cycles of a plumbing fixture, there’s no guarantee when a showerhead or faucet will give out. Luckily, you can replace the leaking fixtures by yourself. However, take note of the extent of the damage so you would know if you need to replace a broken component, such as the ball valve or washer, or the entire fixture itself.

Blocked Drains

As for clogged drains, this issue doesn’t automatically fall on the owners corporation. Instead, make sure which drain is blocked before you can identify who is responsible for the repairs. The unit owner is accountable for the drains located in bathtubs and kitchen or toilet sinks.

Conversely, the owners corporation is liable for resolving blocked floor drains, including the shower drain, because these pipes go under the floor. Additionally, these pipelines are interconnected with the ones in the neighbouring units. The same concept applies to sewer lines because they serve multiple strata units instead of just one.

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