Spring Roof Inspection Checklist

Over the winter, your roof can sustain plenty of hidden damage due to the natural freeze and thaw cycle. One of the first things you should do once the weather permits is perform a seasonal inspection to check for leaks, missing shingles, loose gutters and other potential problems. Basic inspections are easy enough if you know what to double-check. If you feel more confident going with a professional, look for a company that offers inspections and affordable roof replacement Wellington.

There are three areas that should be inspected: rain collection systems, roofing materials and vents. If you have a fireplace or skylights, there’s additional information regarding inspecting flashing around roof accessories.

Rain collection systems: These are your gutters, drainpipes and other parts of the roof that divert excess water from your roof. Check all around for missing fasteners or loose gutters, pipes and spouts, Next, manually remove all built up soil and debris from the gutters. Finish by flushing the entire system with a garden hose or power washer to clear it and check for obstructions.

Ventilation: There are vents located on the roof and under the eaves. These are favorite places for animals to nest, so check the make sure they’re clear and the air can flow unimpeded.

Roofing materials: Check for bare spots and damaged shingles. Pay close attention to areas where snow or water might accumulate, such as valleys and around protrusions. Check the attic or crawlspace for signs of leaks, missing or damaged insulation and water damage.

Roof accessories: Look for loose or damaged flashing around chimneys, skylights ans vents. Examine the masonry on the chimney itself. Which spots could indicate calcium buildup, which means the structure is absorbing water. Horizontal cracks in the mortar that form a stair-step pattern may signal structural instability, especially if the roof is also sagging in spots. This can best be determined by looking at the roof from a distance at ground level.

Regular roof inspections, whether performed b a roofing professional or you DIY, allow you to spot small problems before they become major repairs. Contact a roofing professional in the Wellington area to schedule one today.

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