5 home decoration ideas inspired from travelling

Do you have a love for travelling? And is it the interior décor of some part of your house that you are considering? Why not try combining the two and bring out something totally new, classical and personalized?

Sounds interesting?

Let’s take you to a guide with top ideas where you can use the travel inspirations for the home improvement and home decoration purposes. Bringing souvenirs from each of your trips and then decorating it in your home is one thing, on the other hand, you can mix a good numbers of items from the trip and create a whole space depicting it.

Not sure how?

Let’s tell you about the travel inspired ideas that can make you residence have a personalized touch.

if you have a corner or a room dedicated to the travel inspired decoration, then you need these five things from your tour.

  • Postcards
  • Vintage maps
  • Vintage suitcases
  • Travel photos
  • Vintage globes

Now that you have all the things ready in your hand, you can make the decorations as follows. You can use all five in a single place or can pick one or two of these to get some travel inspired look for your house. Now let’s talk about every one of these separately and find out how to decorate at your level best.

  1. Postcards wall art

Postcards are not very common these days due to the excessive use of mobile phones and apps that help you stay connected to the family, however, every travel destination offers you postcards that you can bring home and assort and assemble them, so that they make your wall look something amazing and that has an even stronger story to tell.

  1. Vintage suitcases shelves

The vintage suitcases are not very easy to be found these days and you cannot certainly ring them home from your travel. However, you can get them from a thrift store easily. By applying some simple art to these suitcases and trunks, you could turn them into beautiful vintage shelves that are truly travel inspired and have a strong story to tell.

  1. Vintage maps wall art

With so many travel guide and map apps available today, the paper maps are certainly a thing that is vintage and can depict a story of your travel adventure. So all you have to do is to take a paper map and put it on the wall, get it framed properly and light it up with a dull warm light to complete its vintage looks.

  1. Make use of your travel photos

The travel photos from each of your tours, when framed beautifully and are provided with captions that have a story hidden in them, can make some ordinary photos tum into a trip down the memory lane.

  1. Vintage globes

The vintage globes, when combined with the vintage maps and travel photos, does complete the look of the house well.


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